Allow Us To Streamline the Airport Greeting Process For Your Staff

Tired of trying to find someone to do a last minute pick-up? At Language Limousine, we never say no. Allowing us to greet all of your students, gives you a consistent, reliable solution. Scroll Down to see how!

Ensuring A Great Welcome For Your Students

Language Limousine staff are at the airport every day. We have come to know the airport and our experience enables us to locate students much easier than anyone else. Finding a student at the airport can be a very difficult task. Students who arrive and cannot find their host family become stressed and unsure of what to do. Other services are not polished and professional. Many are not properly licensed, nor do not operate enough licensed vehicles to support your business.

We at Language Limousine have plenty of licensed vehicles. We have developed strategies to maximize the probability of meeting your student and thereby ensuring them a great welcome to Canada.

Real Time Information To Ease Anxiety

No other company offers a "live" website that allows you, your agents, host families, and the students' parents real time information regarding the students status.   With one click, our Student Tracking allows you to track if the student has been greeted, is in transit, or has been delivered to their homestay.   

Students have 24 hour "live" access to our company and are given our "Upon Your Arrival" letter that advises them of our "live" emergency number, tells them exactly where to meet us (map included), has pictures of our uniformed staff, and folded is a sign that they can hold as they arrive that allows us to immediately identify them.

Booking us by email
is fast & convenient.
Saves You Time!

Student’s receive our “Upon Your Arrival Letter” with our 24 hour "live" phone number. When folded, it is a sign that allows us to identify them.

Upon Your Arrival

The night prior to a students
arrival, our staff call
every host families
to advise
them when to
expect their

The day of the greeting, our website is “live” which allows the students’ parents, host families, agents, and our clients “real time” information
as to the status of an arriving
student. They
can see if a
student has
been greeted,
is in a car, or
has been

Our yellow "Language
signage stands out.
Our uniformed
male staff wear
yellow ties, and

Students are transported quickly to their host families. Our competitors may have your
students wait up to 2 hours at
the airport for other students to arrive. Most Language
students are
in a car
30 minutes
of greeting

When you use Language Limousine, you are giving your student a better chance of being met. We are a professional greeting company that understands the special requirements of the international student.